Create Studio PRO Review & Bonus For Friends & Subscribers of Elle Wong

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 Create Studio PRO Review & Bonus For Friends & Subscribers of Elle Wong
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Capture Attention Instantly & Generate More sales Using The World's Most Powerful "Drag & Drop" Video Tool...

Finally, A Simple All-In-One Video Tool That Creates EVERYTHING From "Pixar-Quality" Explainer Videos, Doodle Sketch Videos, Logo Intros, Social Animations, Promotional Reels & More!

Finally, A Simple All-In-One Video Tool That Creates EVERYTHING From "Pixar-Quality" Explainer Videos, Doodle Sketch Videos, Logo Intros, Social Animations, Promotional Reels & More!

  • Get instant access to CreateStudioPro and make eye-popping and visually stunning videos in just 3 steps!
  • Easily create 2D/3D explainer videos, sketch doodles, logo intros, social animations, promo reels, stories and any videos for ALL your business needs! 
  • ​Attract AND convert your video viewers to die-hard subscribers and paying customers
  • Simply drag & drop to animate without prior tech or design skills required!
  • NO more complex editing
    NO more expensive contractors
    NO more boring videos!
  • Save 70% and get $1,979 worth of bonuses through this page today!
  • ​30 days money back guarantee

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Watch Create Studio Pro Review, Showreel and Demo In Action

Create Studio Pro Review & Walkthrough

Watch this video til the end as I give you my complete review and walkthrough of what's inside Create Studio Pro to help you decide.
  • 2:05 - What can you create and how does it work?
  • 4:12 ​- Key features
  • ​7:08 - Who is it for?
  • ​7:57 - How many videos are you limited to create?
  • ​8:37 - Community, support and what others say
  • ​10:25 - Special Access and Bonuses

Create Studio Pro Showreel & Video Animation Examples

Watch this showreel to see video animation examples made with Create Studio Pro. You can create everything from
  • Stomp Teasers
  • Logo Intros
  • ​Live Action Videos
  • Social Animations
  • ​Overlays and Lower Thirds
  • ​Title Animations
  • ​2d & 3D Explainer Videos
  • ​Promotional Videos
  • ​Local Business Videos
  • ​Doodle Sketch Videos
  • ​Transition Effects
  • ​And so much more!
How Does Create Studio Pro Work In 3 Steps?
Let's be clear:

This isn’t something you can do with ANY other video animation platform.

Other software makes you trudge through gazillion different options and read a user-manual the size of War And Peace.

Even if you were to hire an expert, the only way you can get these studio-grade animations is to pay a fortune for it.

That is until now...
With Create Studio Pro, you’ll have your first stunning video content ready in minutes

Even if you've never made a video before in your life!

And all it takes is 3 Simple Steps!

It's Pure Magic.
Step 1: Drag & Drop
Drag & drop to animate in seconds. Choose from 100s of pre-animated studio quality assets. 
Step 2: Customize
Edit & customize the look of your video to your liking
Step 3: Publish
Hit publish & your video is ready to be shared!

What Will You Create?

With Create Studio Pro's versality & flexibility, you can make videos for all your business needs

Watch Demo Of How to Create Amazing Doodle Sketch Videos In Minutes

Choose hands in loads of different styles!

Over 25,000 People Use Create Studio Pro To Make Their Competition Cry. Here’s Why:

How Much Will You Save When You "Grandfather" In The Create Studio Pro Special Offer Today?

Through this special page, you'll get the entire software for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of Just $XX.

If you get it from the main page, that'll cost you $197.00/year later!

By grabbing Create Studo Pro through this page today, you can save 70% and get it at a fraction of the public price with Lifetime Access today!

And just so you know, animators typically charge $500-2500 per minute.

Make just one video with Create Studio Pro and you've already covered your purchase!

PLUS, Get Elle Wong's $1,979 Worth Of Bonuses For FREE

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The $14,538 in 3 Days Video Funnel Case Study ($497 Value)
In this case-study you'll get to go behind the scenes with me and I'll show you how one of my video funnel generated $15,228 in 5 days with just 3 strategic videos.

I'll walk you through all the winning elements you need to know so that you can be capturing leads and converting sales for ANY niche or industry.

You'll also get to clone the exact video funnel so that you can model it and deploy right away in your business.
30+ YouTube Video Ideas To Get Unlimited Traffic in 2022 ($297 Value)
Videos currently make up 80% of the internet traffic and is on track to rise to 90% in 2023.

YouTube currently has over 2 billion monthly users and 4 billion video views everyday!

If you're not making videos and getting comfortable with video creation, you're going to be left behind!

I used to take hours coming up with video ideas. All that changed when I discovered this unique "framework" specifically for traffic generation.

After this training, you will have 30+ youtube video ideas that you can "copy & deploy" immediately to get unlimited traffic!
Top 10 "UGC" Video Ad Creatives That Attract Customers ($297 Value)
User Generated Content (UGC) videos are trending and they work crazy well to convert viewers to customers right now.

This video style is exploding especially on platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

I'm going to share with you Top 10 "UGC" Video Ad Creatives that you can model for your own product/services to grow your brand and scale you business.

I'll be giving you actual examples and the best part is these are usually 60 second videos which are super simple to create!
Powerful Library Of 1500+ Animated Icons You Probably Didn't Know ($197 Value)
Animated icons are a wonderful resource for anyone creating digital content. They boost engagement, conveys your ideas better and increases retention.

In this video training, I will show you how to access a powerful library of over 1500+ animated icons with 6 art styles. Ready to use in digital products, presentations, or videos and you'll even have the freedom to edit and change color!

Available download formats in HTML, JSON, GIF, WEBP, APNG, MP4, AEP, PNG SVG & EPS for all your project needs.
FREE Secret Book ($297 Value)
This is the underground playbook that's been responsible to my multiple $100,000+ online businesses.

It uncovers the secrets and practical strategies to grow your company online faster than anything else you’ve ever experienced with S____ F______.

I will reveal this book to you in the members area. Just cover your S&H and you'll get a hard copy of this book sent to your door.

If you're serious about growing and scaling your business online to 7 figures and beyond this year, then this underground playbook is a MUST have in your business arsenal.
16 Inkflow Motion Backgrounds Pack ($197 Value)
Motion backgrounds are a great way to add energy and vitality to videos.

Use these glamourous ink flow motion backgrounds for your backdrops, green screen videos, instagram reels, youtube shorts, tiktoks, presentations and more!
20 Colorful Shape Transitions Pack ($197 Value)
20 colorful transitions effects provided in GIF, MOV Alpha & SWF. Fully compatible with top editing softwares with no technical experience required.

Using transition effects between your scenes is a subtle and effective technique to connect one shot/topic to another.

Spice up your videos with these transition effects to increase watch time and keep your viewers visually engaged from start to finish!
Fun and Engaging Whiteboard SVG Bundle
($297 Value)
Whiteboard graphics are super engagers and perfect for presentations and doodle sketch videos. This huge bundle of Whiteboard SVGs are custom created by several designers that cost thousands to and draw from scratch.

When you get Create Studio Pro through this page today, you'll get this entire bundle for FREE!
But Wait... That's Not All :)
You get all the bonuses above for getting just the Create Studio Pro main offer.

But I'm not stopping there....

After the main offer there's an optional upgrade to AMPLIFY your video studio assets called “All Access Pass", where you'll get access to NEW premium templates, characters, scenes and visual effects every month, to stay ahead of the crowd and take your videos to the next level.

Buy The Upgrade As Well & You'll Get ANOTHER $997+ Worth of Upgrade Bonuses From Me:
42 Local Business Characters Bundle
($297 Value)
Characters can develop a strong connection with the viewer. Using them in your videos is a great way to create bond and fully engage with your audience.

These 42 local business characters comes with multiple poses and are fully animated. They are provided in JPG, Transparent PNG, GIF, Alpha MOV and SWF.

Use them in your own projects or even your clients! This will be a great addition to your assets library to bring life to your storytelling to convert more leads and sales!
108 Animated Background Scenes
($297 Value)
Using animated backgrounds are a great pattern interrupt to break the monotony appearance of your scenes.

By creating movement within the background it increases the attention span of the viewer and draws them into the video.

This 108 animated background scenes are provided in MP4 format in various categories such as cityscape, office, home, nature, etc

216 Attention Elements Bundle
($297 Value)

This large bundle of arrows, circles, highlighters and lines are powerful directional cues. 

Use these 216 elements to draw the attention of your audience to where you want them to focus on to convert more leads and sales.
327 Sound Effects Bundle
($297 Value)
Sound is half of the video experience. It can draw you into the world of what you are watching. 

Use these 163 sound effects to elevate your viewers experience to keep them engaged from start to finish.
Ready to Animate & Captivate Like a PRO?
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